We are the creditable, proficient and creative “unit” of Turkey.

Ünite İletişim is a strategic communications consultancy company with long years of experience and knowledge in Corporate Communication Management and Brand Communications. The Company has structured itself for generating integrated communications solutions, manages the communications process of the companies and brands through considering all economical, sociological and psychological parameters on national and international basis.  

Ünite İletişim, the creditable, competent and creative “unit” of Turkey, has determined its vision as to add value to Turkey’s image in the international communications arena as the well respected, proficient and creative ‘unit’ of Turkey and has undertaken a mission to provide a means to an end for the betterment and development of stakeholders and public in common through the values created. Responsibility, integrity, quality and reliability are the essential values of the Company.

Ünite İletişim has a principle of continuous learning since its establishment in 1998 and begins each day with excitement and passion with the assertion of “being better tomorrow than today”.

Creating success stories with its target on sustainable growth, Ünite İletişim is specialized in Sustainability CommunicationsCorporate Responsibility CommunicationsFinancial Communications, Health Communications and Internal Communications.
Ünite İletişim is a member of the Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey (IDA), a member of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO).

Ünite İletişim is the first communication consultancy company of Turkey passing CMS III audit, an advanced version of the international audit model CMS (The Consultancy Management Standard) issued by ICCO for determining “professional excellence standard”.

The certificate combines elements of ISO 9000 and Investors in People with criteria specific to public relations consultancy. Ünite İletişim has the pride for passing the audition with an outstanding success.

Ünite İletişim has signed an agreement in 2016 with Edelman Group, the world's leading communications marketing firm. Thanks to this partnership, Ünite İletişim enriches its international outreach and integrate more effectively to the ever-changing communications industry. This partnership also allows Ünite İletişim, as an independent agency, to provide its services with utmost care like it's always done since day 1.

Corporate Reputation Management

The corporate reputation management is undisputedly considered to have the utmost determinant role in the life cycles of the establishments and Ünite İletişim has created and continues to create international and national success stories in the corporate reputation management field since its foundation. Based on the fact that the reputation of the establishments is fed with several different parameters such as business and social ethics, communication climate, social trends, expectations and perception of the social stakeholders far above the corporate targets; Ünite İletişim pays strict attention to think multi dimensionally and to prepare versatile implementation plans.

Brand Communications

Today, the brands exist and continue to exist with the depth of the functional and emotional relationships established with the consumers individually. In order to be imprinted on the minds of the consumers, be preferred by the consumers and be preferred continuously, the brands need to be differentiated with product features as much as their communications strategy. In this journey from product to brand, Ünite İletişim offers an expert perspective.


2013 - GOLDEN COMPASS - CSR Category 
Abdi İbrahim –Rational Use of Medicine - GOLD

2013 -  GOLDEN COMPASS -  Culture & Arts Category
Abdi İbrahim –Van Gogh Alive Exhibition–GOLD

2013 - EFFIE - Sustainable Success Category  
 Unilever, OMO -GOLD

2013 - EFFIE - Telecommunications 
Vodafone - SILVER

2013 - EFFIE - Cleaning Products Category
Unilever Domestos - BRONZE

2011 - GOLDEN COMPASS  - CSR Category
OMO-Water Footprint – GOLD

2011- EFFIE - Sustainable Success Category  
Unilever, Knorr,“Natural”- GOLD

2011- EFFIE - Soft Drinks Category   
Lipton,“Packed Tea" - BRONZE

2011- EFFIE - Nutrition Products Category
Knorr "Knorr Local Soups" - SILVER

2011 - EFFIE - Cleaning Products Category
Omo “Concentrated Detergent Launch” - GOLD

2011-2012 - MERCURY EXCELLENCE - Community Relations Category
Vodafone – Farmers Club Project - SILVER

2011- 2012 - MERCURY EXCELLENCE - Market Expansion Category
Vodafone – Farmers Club Project - SILVER

2010 - PRSA - CSR Category
Unilever - ÇÖP(M)ADAM project  - GOLD

2009 - GOLDEN COMPASS - Culture & Arts Category
Diversey -The Bridge from Women to Women Bittim Soap -GOLD