We keep our communications sustainable through our business principles.


Media Relations

Ünite İletişim takes it as a duty to familiarize itself with the media, to monitor the agenda of the country and the market dynamics through media and to draw significant conclusions. Ünite İletişim sees the media as a business partner and an essential stakeholder. Mutual trust, integrity, speed and quality are essential components of Ünite İletişim’s media relations. While offering strategic media communications management to its clients, Ünite İletişim aims to be a reliable news source.

Crisis Management

We can detect, manage and mitigate crisis in every form, from minor consumer complaints to natural catastrophes. The basic principle of Ünite İletişim in crisis management is to anticipate the crisis situations and be prepared beforehand with the most suitable documentation, reaction and action plans according to possible crisis scenarios. Establishing crisis coordination centers and organizing virtual crisis management practices are natural extensions of Ünite İletişim’s crisis management operations.

Event Management

Ünite İletişim assumes responsibility for the planning and performing of creative events within the scope of integrated communications consultancy.
Event management is the service unit of Ünite İletişim with the most important reflection of its coordination discipline. Ünite İletişim considers consumer activation touching hundreds of thousands of people through personal communication as important as the event management and coordinates it with the same precision.


Through an integrated communications management principle, Ünite İletişim offers graphic-design and advertising services from a single point with its “Creative Unit”. Building a continuous dialog with the client establishments and brands, Ünite İletişim implements result oriented works in advertising solutions and creates a difference by integrating its knowledge with creativity.

Digital Communications

Ünite İletişim continuously develops its competencies and manages the transformation in the media digitalizing and individualizing with the dazzling speed of advancement in the technology. Ünite İletişim blends its knowledge and experience of years with the pace required by the digital era, generates communications solutions meeting the individual and social expectations and needs in continuously increasing and differentiating channels and brings its assertion into this field.